Bachelorette Party Drinks - Extra Tidbits:

This section is designed to give you a little added advice. We'll show you some tips on creating flaming drinks, mixing punch, making jello shots, and other fun stuff to while planning a bachelorette party.

  • Extra #10 - Flipping and Throwing Bottles. A stupid trick that will teach you how to spin and flip full bottles without spilling them.
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Bachelorette Party Drink Items at

Shot Glass Beads
Penis Straws 1
Penis Straws 2
Penis Straws 3

Penis Straws 4
Jello Shot Molds
Penis Shot Glass
Bar Napkin Game
Flashing shots shot glasses

Pass Out Game
Penis Drink Bottle
Big Drink Bottle
Swizzle Dicks
Bachelorette Party Cups
Head Shot Glass